Hello! I’m Niamh (pronounced “neeve”, it’s Gaelic).

I grew up in the small beach town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. I spent many summers at Villagers Theatre in Franklin, NJ, performing in their Teensvill productions. I was also a part of my high school theatre ensemble, the Admiral Players, and worked with multiple other central Jersey production companies. 

(yes, central Jersey exists. I will be taking no questions or arguments on this subject.)

I graduated from Henry Hudson Regional High School in 2019, and I recently graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2023, completing a double major in Theatre and Music. I performed in a number of shows through the Theatre and Dance Department and got involved in groups outside of theatre, such as becoming a Resident Advisor and music directing a Broadway-based a cappella group.

Additionally, I write and produce my own original music, co-host the Percy Jackson podcast Return to Camp Half-Bloodand continue to add more cacti to my quickly growing garden in my apartment. I also love the Notion platform and 2000’s emo music (it truly wasn’t a phase).